С английским языком! Номер 10Только b! !

Помогите пожалуйста с английским языком!!!!!! Номер 10(Только b)!!!!!!!! Срочно!!!

  • Hello, Lisa!
    Hello, Nikita!
    -How are you?
    -Not bad. What are you gonna do today?
    -After-school help my mother, and then in the afternoon will be free.
    -Let's play today in the playground?
    -Come on. Will you come with me?
    -Okey! At what time I come?
    - PleaseI will come  at five o'clock in the evening.
    -I will be happy to spend my time with you, come to me after the site.
    -I would love to ... but I need to do my homework ...
    -My mom will not mind if we do them together at my house.
    -Well, I'll come to you.
    -Before the evening Lisa!

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