Сочинение на тему + и – школьной формы на англ языке

сочинение на тему + и - школьной формы на англ языке

  • The need for school uniforms are still in our school is a fierce debate. Officially require students to attend classes in a school uniform, but in practice this can not be achieved.

    Numerous raids, checking, individual interviews, the requirements of the class teacher and the administration does not bring tangible results. Some teachers before classes become powerful barrier to entry into the class and do not allow the lessons of students who came in jeans and sweaters, forced to go home to change clothes, but nothing has changed. School children, especially high school students, refuse to wear a school uniform. Why? It is said that uncomfortable all day to sit in a jacket. Maybe just looking for excuses?
    But in England, Japan school uniform - it's a tradition not to be questioned, the more criticism or discussion.
    Students of Eton College, which at one time studied and Prince William and Prince Harry, they all go to the same school uniform. They live in the same conditions, no exceptions and concessions not granted even princes. Perhaps this is the right democratic. During his studies, we should strive to show and emphasize their individuality in knowledge, not in the clothes, the origin and ancestry. In the context of Eton College are all equal: and the prince and the pauper. Here, there can be competition on the principle that anyone jeans "cooler", who dress more fashionable. The students are not distracted by irrelevant items.
    We have the same in all the country, alas ... In higher education division into "poor" and "rich" is particularly noticeable. There have been instances when students stopped training and left the walls of the university because of the inability to put at the appropriate level. Cute coeds and college boy, well packaged for its affluent parents come to school in high-end cars, "breathing perfume and mist," they sit on the student's desk in expensive fur coats (not in the same locker room post!) And recorded lectures, sparkling diamonds on her watch and perstenkah. We will not discuss the moral aspect of this situation, it is obvious to all that the "disorder in the Danish kingdom."
    Given the characteristics of our society, I think that the school uniform is a must. We are so fond of talking about equality, so let?
    I would like to hear your opinion about it.

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