Сделать то что во вложении и 1 и 2!

Сделать то что во вложении и 1 и 2!!!!

    1.knows,2.rang,3.lives,4.took,5.are your lessons over,6.had 7.are 8.made 9.was,became.10.do you always get up,get up

  • І.1) go 2)went 3)washes 4)washed 5)don't have 6)didn't rest 7)didn't drink 8) take, didn't take 9)talk, am, didn't talk, was 10)came, didn't, came,was, hadn't, was, drank, rested(?), 11)goes, is

     лол программа 2 класса

  • 1.I go.2.I went.3.washes 4.washed 5.don't have 6.didn't rest 7.didn't rest 8.takes,didn't take 9.do you talk,yes I do,didn't talk,was.10.did you come,didn't,was,had,was,drank,rested.11.does your sister go,does.

    II.1)knows 2)rang 3)lives 4) took 5)are 6)had 7) was 8) made 9)was, became 10)get(?), get(?)

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