Сделать 20предложений со словамиPresent, cake, candle, slite, biscuit, lemonade, ballonade, camera, cereal, coffeepot, napkin, toast, roll, bolled egg, fried egg, sc

Сделать 20предложений со словами
Present,cake,candle,slite,biscuit,lemonade,ballonade,camera,cereal,coffeepot,napkin,toast,roll,bolled egg,fried egg,scrabled egg,steak,roast chicken

  • She made a beautiful wedding cake.
    Every evening we light candels.
    I like lemonade.
    I like cheese on toast.
    My mother is cooking roast chicken now.
    In a restaurant we ate steak and potato.
    My friends gave me a sweet buiscuit.
    It was their present.
    In the morning we should eat cereal with milk.
    I forgot my camera at home.
    I am eating a fried egg.
    I am cooking 
    scrabled egg.
    I liked hamburger rolls when i was small.
    I don't know where the coffeepot is.
    I like boiled eggs.
    I went to shop to buy a cake for my mother.
    I forgot to buy napkins for a party.
    I make lemonade with my friend.

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