Помогите.плиз) Каким должен быть политик,нужен рассказ в 6 предложениях!!(англ.яз)

  • In general, the idea is very honest and striving for justice to be a politician. Ideally, people will elect a politician who best cope with its responsibility . We now turn to reality.
    A politician should be achiever . If you study at the institute and all the exams " decided " not passed by memorizing rules and examples of solutions , you can go into politics.
    The politician must promise their voters mountains of gold , but in fact , you can forget about the promises he makes . The fact is that people are too busy with their lives that equips , so to policies they do not care too much .
    Another politician should be able to compete with other politicians , and have a strong belief property . If a politician is not able to convince people of the wrongness of his , he is not a politician , and a simple honest man .
    The politician in this country has to understand that the terms of corruption, and honesty with all lead to death or jail. It turns out that policies should take into account the specifics of everything , to be able to analyze and predict .

  • 6 предложений.

    A good politician spends his life to work for the betterment of his people, without any greed for himself or his family.
    A good politician has a vision for the future of the country, ideas for life and work on hand for everyone.
    A good politician along with being intelligent should also be courageous.
    A good politician will have excelled in their schooling and used it to help them make their decisions.
    A good politician should make you want to follow them, and deliver the great speeches that many of us yearn for.
    A good politician has a high regard for morality.