Напишите 20 предложений о дружбе пожалуйста)

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    1."Friendship - a valuable treasure" - says the proverb.
    2.I believe in true friendship.
    3.I believe that friendship is as true friends are.
    4.It is said that a true friend is known in trouble in the trials.
    5.A friend can donate something for a friend.
    6.A friend - is someone who understands you, with whom you dilyshsya mysteries and confident that your secrets will not be the property surrounding the next day
    7.In friendship there is no debtors or benefactors.
    8.Friendship - is more than pleasant company or similarity of interests.
    9.Friendship can be defined as positive steel individually-selective interpersonal relationship based on mutual affection, full trust, common interests.
    10.The concept of "friendship" is not universal in different societies and cultures, it put its meaning.