Проверьте, пожалуйста на ошибки.

There are many languages in the world: French, Russian, Japanese,
etc. One of them is English. English is the international language, because people use English all
over the world. Also English is a global language, because many people speak that.


Many people learning English language. Learning English is
difficult. The most difficult for many people in learning English is grammar. But,
we can make learning English easier.


Firstly, we can listen original songs, watch original English films and
read original English books.

Secondly, we can watch online lessons in the Internet.

Moreover, we can visit the English-speaking countries.


We believe that learning English is necessary for everyone, because we
can travel the world, make new friends and get a good job.

  • 1 абзац последнее предложение неверно, вот правильно - Also, English is the international language because many people speak this language.
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